Thursday, 2 September 2010

Exportar e Importar Contactos en MSN (2010)

En este post, explico cómo poder importar y exportar contactos desde el "nuevo hotmail", el hotmail modificado desde la segunda mitad del año 2010. Antes era muy fácil hacerlo desde el Messenger, pero en los nuevos estas opciones no aparecen a la vista tan fácilmente.
Lo subo a internet ya que había buscado cómo hacerlo, pero nadie sabía, entonces boludeando en hotmail lo descubrí, y he aquí lo que encontré :P

Primero, ir a las "opciones"...
Después, seleccionar una opción, según lo que se quiera hacer

Primero se tienen que exportar contactos de una cuenta, si quiero importarlos en otra, con lo cual primero voy a explicar cómo exportarlos.

Al seleccionar la opción Exportar contactos aparecerá esta ventana:

Completá los datos requeridos y clickeá exportar.
Depende cómo tengas configuradas tus descargas te aparecerá o no una ventana según la ubicación donde quieras guardarlo (como cualquier archivo).
Listo, ya tenés guardados tus contactos en formato CSV en tu pc.

Después para importarlos, se debe ir a

En el paso 2 seleccionas "Microsoft Outlook (usando CSV)", porque así es como exportaste, y en el paso 3 seleccionas ese archivo.

Por último le das en importar contactos y listo! ;)
Esto es buenísimo porque te ahorra todo el trabajo de copy+paste t2 los 400 contactos jajaja

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Scare Tactics -Rat Monster-

In this video a TV programm of the USA called "Scare Tactics" is doing a joke to a poor man. The joke is called "Rat Monster"...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The second chat session

*Last Tuesday, 20th of October, we had the second chat session with the students from La Plata. I chatted a bit with all, but with the only one that I share information was with Renata. She is 15 years old. For holidays, she will go to Gesell. She does "grate" at school, she has very good marks. I asked her about what she thinks about Argentina in the "mundial 2010", and, in conclusion, she answered me that she doesn´t think they'll play well.*

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tuesday 22: Chat Session

Last Tuesday 22, we had our first chat session with "Jóvenes 4 MA" from La Plata. I tried chatting with all the students that were connected, but with the unic one that I could talked well was Jerónimo (because they were only five or four connected, and they had to talk to the others students, so they couldn't answer me "quickly").
We had some problems with the headphones, nevertheless he could answer me a few questions.
He told me that he has been living in La Plata since he has born. Altough he like classical music, he also listen to rock and reggaeton (the last one only to dance). To celebrate spring day, he told me that he went out with some friends.
That's all, I couldn't get more answers because he had to disconnect several times. Kissies, Sheila.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

San Pedro Slideshow

We left school at half past seven, and the journey to San Pedro took us three hours. When we arrived at 10:30a.m, the first place we visited was “La Campiña”, where Mónica & Cesar (well-known reporters from “Telenoche”) became famous for cultivating the tastiest oranges in the country, and many others citric fruits.

The second historic site we visited was the paleontological museum where we saw remains of prehistoric animals. This place was worth visiting because it was interesting to see what animals were like millions and millions of years ago.

We also went to a park. There, in groups of five, we asked questions about San Pedro and what life is like there to some citizens.

In San Pedro there are many typical dishes, such as oranges and “ensaimada”. The oranges that are produced in San Pedro are also exported to other countries and continents.

Finally, we visited the “Reserva Ecológica del Museo Paleontológico de San Pedro,” where a guide showed us the places where remains of prehistoric animals were found and where they hope to keep finding more.